Duh Na Na Na BATMAN!

The boys are totally into superheroes these days. So when Adrian decided he wanted to be Batman, it was a given that Noah would make the perfect trusted sidekick for the promo of our Halloween mini sessions. Last year we had posted pictures of the boys in their Jake the Pirate and Spiderman outfits, and it is safe to say that their attention span for the camera has not improved. We couldn’t resist looking at the pictures from the previous year, and oh, how are little boys have grown. Before we know it, these boys are going to be telling us they are too old to even dress up!

So while this blog is not only a personal look into our lives, it is also great reminder to us to enjoy every little moment we have with these boys.

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Weeknight Fun

We sit right next to each other 8 hours a day, and our mornings are usually filled with stories of our crazy little boys and their antics from the night before. Our fun, adventurous boys keep us on our toes (our Starbucks runs are proof of it). While we do the best we can to spend time with them and still get everything done, there are times when we feel like we are falling short in some area. Our constant promise to each other to get together for a play date has been going on for almost 3 years, but for whatever reason they just never happened. That is, until this week. We tried not to pick up the camera too often on our trip to LOL Kids Club, but we had to capture a few shots of these very energetic little boys. Nights like these are a great reminder of how beautiful our lives really are.




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The Garcia Family

Baby Emma- edited 1

We had the pleasure of capturing Yesi when she was pregnant. The golden hour lined up perfectly with her family’s shoot time, and it was almost too easy to capture the beauty of this growing family. Fast forward to today, and we got to meet Baby Emma. Again, it seemed like the golden hour hit perfectly with the Garcia’s schedule shoot. Such a different feel from their maternity pictures that were shot in the greenery, but the golden hour again made capturing the beauty of the family of four so effortless.

Spiderman and Jake the Pirate


We took some time before yesterday’s mini sessions to take a few pictures of our little guys. We learned that Pringles are way more important than posing for their mommies’ cameras.

Chocolate Bunnies

With Spring just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to do some Easter photos of the boys. Little suspender and necktie wearing boys and chocolate bunnies are the perfect combination for some messy cute fun. Believe us, the boys were not complaining!